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health insurance Newton Abbot
Long Term Care

Healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine mean that you can expect to live longer than your parents. You must, however, balance this good news with the increased possibility that you will suffer from an age related illness or disability. As you grow older it may become more difficult for you to remain independent, not just because of a medical condition, but because you may be unable to carry out everyday tasks or activities of daily living (ADLs) without help.

Whilst more and more people will need care, less help is being provided by the State and Local Authorities. As the cost of care increases and the proportion of taxpayer's contribution decreases, only the very needy are likely to receive assistance. Although the State and Local Authorities may provide some benefits, they are likely to be subject to means testing.

Families are now smaller and there will be fewer younger relatives to rely on. This means that community, residential and nursing home care are now playing an increasingly important role.

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Good health is something we all take for granted. Many people are increasingly seeing private medical insurance as a necessity rather than a luxury. This could be due to the continuing debate over waiting lists for National Health treatment and its quality of service that is often reported in the media.

Permanent Health Insurance

Long term ill-health, either as a result of an accident or serious illness, can have a financially devastating effect on your family. How would you pay the mortgage or general household bills? Permanent health insurance gives the policyholder the peace of mind of a regular income should they not be able to work as a result of illness or injury.

Premiums differ depending on the type of plan, any options the plan may have, and the company that issues it. It is possible to protect against inflation in a policy by taking out an option, for a slightly higher premium, that automatically increases the sum assured on a regular basis. Some insurance companies also offer the ability to insure against unemployment as an additional option on the policy.

Critical Illness Cover

Thanks to improved healthcare, you are more likely to survive a serious medical condition than ever before. However, you would have to adjust your lifestyle to suit your new circumstances. Critical illness cover can enable you to receive a cash lump sum, on diagnosis at the outset of an illness, minimising financial hardship and stress within your family.

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health insurance Newton Abbot
health insurance Newton Abbot health insurance Newton Abbot